Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Guy’s Story Part 1

Pain is a lesson that can be taught. At least that was the way he grew up believing. The more you learned to take, the more you learned to dish out. And he had a capacity for that life lesson that was close to voracious. A role he was made to play. Fifteen years old, a chip on his shoulder the size of Perak, and a world that only made him angry every single day.

Then again, I do suppose you could blame it on the times. Back then, there were guys who went to town for the sole reason of picking fights. It became such a ritual that people started to come and watch. Now that was entertainment. Nowadays, all a guy can get from a trip to town is sitting down in a place with a projector TV showing twenty-two guys running after a ball. The place, naturally, is often named after somebody’s uncle or brother.

“Getting off track, Get back! Ok. OK. Ok.”

One day, he was watching one of those fights when he caught himself wondering if he could kick the big guy in the middle’s butt. He decided “Malaysia Boleh!” and went in.
The good news, big guy went down pretty fast. The bad news, the rest of the dozen or so guys who were fighting, stopped suddenly and stated getting pissed at him. A dozen or so guys against one is not a pretty sight. But the deed was done. A star had been born.

Till I figure out the rest of it…. End of Part 1.